Amanda Savinkoff

Amanda Savinkoff creates a variety of art working from her home studio in Vancouver, BC. From giving life to fabric art closet monsters to creating figurative mixed media, Amanda is constantly surrounded by her pieces and inspired by the fabrics, textures and other materials around her.

I feel something or see a certain pattern and am like Man, I would love to have a stuffed animal from that. Then, says Amanda, I go to the sewing machine and just let the piece create itself.

Amanda says that she feels only half responsible for the pieces that come out of her creation process. She sometimes lets the brush or sewing machine move a bit on its own to dictate a shape that she is not consciously controlling. Amanda likes to see what kinds of animals and faces she can see in the blobs of colour and fabric that she is working with. I like to make things that will make people smile when they see them.

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