Brenda Moncrieff

Brenda Moncrieff is married and has four grown children. When they flew the nest a few years ago, Brenda found herself left with more time to focus on other things that she loves. At first, Brenda began making Westcoast Inspiration Art Cards. These were created using photos of her husband Mitch’s paintings of west coast scenery.

More recently Brenda expanded into making Pebble Soap Dishes.  “I love the amazing colors in rock that is wet. This is the look the dishes retain when the resin is poured over them.”

Enjoying the West Coast, Brenda loves to bike ride and walk in Seal Bay Nature Park or sit at the seaside. “I am so thankful to live in the beautiful Comox Valley and to be able to celebrate the creative beauty here.”

To see some of Brenda’s Westcoast Inspiration Art Cards, check out her page at