Faye Smith

Faye Smith has 17 years of  experience turning wood into art. Faye loves living in the Comox Valley on the beautiful east coast of Vancouver Island, BC because it provides her with an extensive selection of local hard and soft woods to work with.

Everything Faye creates is original, designing her own patterns based on what she sees in nature.  Faye is continuously inspired by nature and custom requests and always enjoys the challenge of developing the picture in wood.

In addition to complex intarsia (wood inlay wall art), Faye turns elegant stick pens out of many different woods, including local Lewis Park maple, Stanley Park fir, holly, cherry, apple, arbutus, yew, walnut and more. Other products include bookmarks, key fobs, turned vases and small hanging ornaments.

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Visit Faye’s blog spot to find out more about this talented artist and see examples of her amazing work at http://fayeranwoodart.blogspot.ca/