Heather James

I’ve always been interested in art and over the years have tried a little bit of everything . . . but nothing has captivated me quite like glass.

A move to Victoria for 12 years provided the opportunity to sell my pieces in shops and Galleries in Victoria, Oak Bay, Sidney and on Salt Spring Island.

After retiring and moving back to the Comox Valley 4 years ago, I’ve been able to enjoy working with glass at leisure and letting the creative juices flow. I think my excitement and passion for glass, shows in my pieces and I love to incorporate a bit of west coast flavor using shells, wire, photographs, mirrors, sandblasting, etching and crystals in recent projects.

I especially like to incorporate etching and sandblasting into my work, as the technique keeps the work light while allowing more texture and detail. The pieces show well in a window but just as well on an interior wall thanks to the texture of the glass I use and the additional shadowing from the sandblasting.

Over the years my glass, through sales and commissions, has found its way around the world and my projects range from funky little boxes to large windows and panels. Im always happy to do commission work and especially enjoy working one on one with my clients so they are part of the process.