Joy Finlay

Many years ago, Joy Finlay’s daughter suggested they register together for a pottery course and Joy’s been playing with clay off and on ever since. “At first I thought it was all about what a potter did with the clay. Now I know it is what the clay does for the potter that makes the experience fulfilling and magical.”

Joy’s krinkle line of hand built plant pots, functional bowls, leaf print platters and dishes uniquely reflect the textures of bark and leaves that surround her forest studio home in Saanich, BC. Joy’s blending of clay for colour, stressing clay for texture and imprinting with cedar and other leaves involves techniques she has developed and is happy with. “I have not seen other work like it,” Joy says, “so I consider it my own style.”

Joy uses clay mined from Alberta and Saskatchewan (Plainsman in Medicine Hat). All of Joy’s clays, stains and glazes are lead free and food safe.  Her firing technique also ensures they are microwave and dishwasher safe too, same as manufactured earthenware.