Loris Dawn Nygaard

Loris Dawn Nygaard has been creating art since she was a child, to fulfill an existence in me, my lifes calling, that can only be assuaged with building innovative pieces of beauty. Throughout her artistic career, Loris has loved to challenge the norm, stepping outside the box.

In her earlier days, Loris created unique organically inspired coil pottery using red and white clay, expanding into many styles of clay-based artworks. Then Loris discovered the intriguing allure of glass. The scintillating effects I felt from the brilliant colours of glass, and intense handling while cutting it, had me addicted immediately.

Over the next few years, Loris explored creating with glass, working with foils and wire, eventually developing a filigree style reminiscent of the classic days of Art Nouveau. Today Loris creates a wide variety of custom decor products for homes and business spaces.

Have a look at this video about Loris and the creation of her beautiful Spirit Feathers:https://youtu.be/kvFG0mRmg9w

To see more of Loris exquisite creations, please visit her website atwww.thelightsthatturnyouon.com