Stephanie Gould

Stephanie Gould has been involved with glass since she was a young woman.  Stephanie  took a 1/2 hour course in how to cut glass and was completely captivated.  She spent many years doing stained glass pictures as a balance to her busy work life, as well as working on stones and lamps.  

On a holiday to Mayne Island, Stephanie met a glass factory owner who encouraged her to try fused glass and sold her an old pottery kiln.  She was away to the races and began fusing glass. Stephanie was so captured by this type of glass work that she sold all of her regular stained glass in order to have room for fusing glass.

Now with two kilns, a beautiful shop in Kitty Coleman Beach and a few more courses, in addition to her amazing fused glass earrings and pendants, Stephanie is creating glass tile pictures using powders, frits, confetti and rods.