In Store

If you love to poke around searching for that special item, this is a fun store for you.

Between what our amazing local artists bring in and the exotic finds provided by our world-wide suppliers (many from Fair Trade sources), you never know what exciting things you might discover.

Need something unique? Perhaps we could create it for you. Our staff are experienced artists who work in a variety of media. You could even make something yourself. We carry a wide range of craft supplies to inspire and support paper artists and hobbyists, plus we’re happy to give you an impromptu “how-to” tutorial in-store.

In the end if you’re still not sure, we have Gift Certificates available in whatever denomination you choose, and they never expire…

So come explore – in person Downtown Courtenay or check out our online store.

Note: Product photos are representative only; actual colours and/or styles may vary. Product photo credits: Arlene McLeod, Valerie Taylor and Pam Young