Kimono & Kaboodle

We bring in a lot of unique and exotic items, then distribute them throughout our store waiting to be discovered. Our selection changes regularly so itís always fun to poke around to see whatís new.

Thereís always some authentic “new-to-us” vintage Japanese kimono on hand, imported or obtained from private collections.†Over the year, youíll see a wide variety of styles from haori jackets to full length formal kimono, including uchikakes (wedding robes).

Beyond kimonos, there could be almost anything. Hereís some other examples of what people have found in our store lately: genuine antique Chinese coins, Feng shui baguas and coins, Tibetan prayer flags, pillow boxes, origami sculptures, hoverbugs, soap, soap dishes, zombie dolls and people eaters, poetry books, soapstone carving kits, fridge magnets, bookmarks, key fobs, exfoliating felt soaps, Ö