How to Create Tile Transfers Using Acrylic Medium

HD Locally made gazebo tiles can be hung outside in the summer


You will need:

Tiles – look for relatively smooth surface, preferably not glazed. Note: process is much easier using small (3 X 3) tiles rather than big (6 X 6).

Acrylic medium (available at art supply stores / departments.

Disposable gloves be sure to wear disposable gloves when working with acrylic medium.

Newsprint or other type of disposable paper to protect work surface.


Flat bristle or sponge brush 2 to 3 width.

Waterborne varnish or Varathane.

To transfer image:

Wash tile to remove dust. Allow to dry completely.

Protect work surface with newsprint or other disposable paper.

Select image to be transferred then print it directly from your computer. Note: MUST be a laser printer not an ink jet type. Photocopies will also work. Trim to fit tile allowing for a 1/8 margin.

Brush a coat of acrylic medium onto the surface of both the tile and the image.

Carefully place the image face down on the tile and centre it. DO NOT touch image or inks will come off.

Gently smooth out wrinkles until perfectly smooth using either a roller tool or your fingers. Leave to dry overnight.

Using water and your bare fingers, wet paper on tile and carefully remove as much as you can. Hint: Do not rub hard as the ink may lift off with the paper. Allow to dry.

You will still see a thin layer of paper. To remove this, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to wet the surface of the image. Use your fingers to gently roll off the remaining paper. Hint: As the ink at this stage is very fragile, try not to work over the surface too much at once. Depending on how easily the paper is coming off, you might want to do this in two stages (ie. work on it a bit then allow it to dry and come back after a short interval).

Allow the tile to dry completely. Then apply 3 or 4 coats of waterborne varnish or Varathane to finish.